~ A Tom Petty Tribute Band ~

Somewhat Petty is an Asheville-based tribute band playing the best of rock icon, Tom Petty, and of course the Heartbreakers with some Traveling Wilburys thrown in for good measure. Somewhat Petty is comprised of 6 local musicians, all with one common goal: playing great rock music everyone loves - 40 years of Tom Petty & company. They don’t look like them, they just sound like them.

Our motto is:
Come out, drink a few and sing along!
So, who's in the band?
Damon Goldman
lead vocals/guitarist
Mike Stone
Kelly Burke
lead guitarist
Kevin Dolan
Dan Charlson
Tracy Levi
Live at the Grey Eagle : Jan 5, 2019
Promo video montage
Live at the Grey Eagle : July 14, 2018
"Somewhat Petty played at the Grey Eagle in Asheville North Carolina tonight(1/5/19). Great show!! And I loved hearing Keeping Me Alive!!!"
- Carmell S.

"You guys crushed it last night! Well done."
- Craig F.
"Loved your July show at Grey Eagle - a fabulous time!"
- Karen C.
"You guys are a certainly a treat to see perform so I will always return and bring friends along. Thanks again for your dedication and tribute to Tom Petty."
- Bryan Rohr.
Gig Calendar
Who knows where?
And when?
Rest in peace,
Tom Petty

Thank you for the amazing music you've given us for over 40 years. It truly has been the soundtrack of our lives. For over a year now, Somewhat Petty has been playing Tom's music. It never gets old... it makes us feel like we did when we first heard it. We find ourselves in the stories and get lost in the melodies. The people we play for love it just as much as we do. Most of the songs we play, they sing right along with us... it's amazing, really it is! As much as there is a void in our lives now, I can't even imagine the hole left in the hearts of his family, bandmates, and friends. Our thoughts and prayers and love go out to them. Tom, you will be missed forever. We love you.

Damon Goldman - October, 3, 2017

Ours is a grassroots campaign
We hope to be performing at a concert venue near you real soon. If you don't see our name on the marquee, knock on the door and ask to speak with the manager, request that Somewhat Petty perform there and don't stop requesting, keep on asking, demand even, make a nuisance of yourself! Don't take no for an answer! Tell 'em you gots ta have your #@$%! Somewhat Petty or else!    Oh no...    there I go again...     ok, ok, ok,    now take a deep breath,   and count to ten,   1, 2, 3, 4, ahhh ah (oh well, I'm just gonna go with it), My sister got lucky, Married a yuppie, Took him for all he was worth, Now she's a swinger, Dating a singer, ahhh, I can't decide which is worse, But not me baby, I got you to save me, Aw, You're so bad, Best thing I ever had, In a world gone mad, You're so bad. Whew!! Ok, I feel better, much more relaxed now. Thanks TP! 

See you soon  ;  )

Rock On!!

Somewhat Petty t-shirts, stickers and jewelry (made from our very own recycled guitar strings!) are available at our gigs. 
Contact is simple...
Please fill out and submit form to contact us for bookings, to reserve the above merch (to be purchased at our next gig) or just to say hey!
- Damon